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Moving to Digital with Mobile and Marine Services

ICOM has developed a line of Digital 2-way radio products and systems that meet the demands of today’s business user.

Mobile and Marine Services uses this technology to enable our customers to migrate to a DIGITAL network without having to scrap their existing analogue radios.

The ICOM FR5100 repeater can operate in both Analogue and DIGITAL modes. This enables the customer to use both technologies on one repeater making a considerable saving on the cost of upgrading.

Mobile and Marine Services has installed several systems for customers who want the advanced features that ICOM IDAS offer.

A security company that specializes in the transfer of cash, and security at private residences required a secure and reliable upgrade to their present system. Mobile and Marine Services replaced their existing repeater system with an ICOM FR5100 Repeater system and supplied ICOM F3162 and F5062 Digital radios.

One of the embassies in Barbados required a state of the art system for their security network. Again Mobile and Marine Services provided an ICOM IDAS network. This enabled the security officers to have clear and confidential communication across the island.

A large West Coast House needed a secure system to be used by the management as well as security when the owners were in residence. ICOM IDAS was able to tick all of the boxes required by the client.

Grantley Adams International Airport uses an ICOM FR5100 Repeater operating in both Digital and Analogue modes for the airport security and engineering departments.

Some of the features and benefits of upgrading to IDAS digital are:-

Privacy – with Digital network a scanner cannot monitor the conversations. ICOM IDAS comes with Digital encryption with over 1000 different codes. This further improves the security.

Clearer Communications – with the Digital encoder the voice is much clearer and audible that with traditional analogue technology.

Kill and Stun – can quickly disable a radio that is lost so that the integrity of the system is kept.

Remote monitor – enables the base station to monitor a handheld without the operator being aware.

Emergency Mode – if a guard needs urgent help he can activate the emergency mode and his radio will send a digital signal to other radios advising them of the situation as well as the radio number.

These are just a few of the many features that can be selected in the setup and programming of the system. 

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