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Frequently Asked Questions


How many tones can I choose from on one frequency?

Typically there are 51 tones to choose from which means on a single frequency (eg 462.625Mhz) there could be up to 51 different users or user groups, each assigned to a different tone. Each group is able to have private conversations without the other groups being able to hear what they are saying. However, if anyone group is having a conversation, no other group can transmit at the same time without blocking the signal because no matter which CTCSS tone they use, they are still using the same radio frequency.


How does a repeater work?

A repeater simultaneously receives a radio signal and re-transmits it at a higher power so it can cover greater distances. It allows communication between two or more bases, mobile or portable stations that are unable to communicate directly with each other due to distance or obstructions between them. 


Why use a radio system?

They are used for Team Communication for their unique group broadcast ability. This means everyone can be updated at the same time. They are also used as a backup communication system when there are problems with existing communication methods e.g. phones or intercom systems.


What is the range of a PMR?

Under ideal conditions, a PMR radio signal may be received up to 5km away; this may be affected by the natural obstructions such as large hillsides and mountainous terrains. With the addition of a repeater system, the coverage can be extended to an entire country!

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Professional Mobile Radios were developed primarily for business users who need to keep in contact over relatively short distances with a central base station or dispatcher.

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